Market Update: 07-06-18

The Issachar Fund (LIONX) is 100% in CASH as of Thursday, July 05, 2018.

I expect volume to pick up next week as traders return from 4th of July vacations and 2nd quarter earnings reports start to trickle in. Trade War fears are still a threat to the market, so caution is still warranted. LIONX does not have a fully-invested mandate like most mutual funds so I will sit patiently until the next opportunity presents itself. I am expecting small-cap companies earnings to come in better than expected. This should result in higher stock prices. However, I plan to let the price and volume charts give me clues as to where I should invest and not act on what I think the market should do.

Small-caps are outperforming the large-cap stocks. Small-caps tend to benefit more from the Trump Tax Cuts and they tend to be less affected by trade and tariff issues. I do not believe that there will be an official protracted “trade war” because Trump wants to win big in November and a significant “trade war” would hurt the Republican Party. Remember, Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal” so all this “tariff talk” will likely be resolved before the November elections. Trump is also trying to “Tweet down” the price of oil because he believes that higher gas prices in November will likely not help the Republicans.

Bottom Line:
Caution flags are flying but I may dip my toe back in the water if certain things pan out the way I am expecting.

The Lyons family returns home Saturday from a wonderful week at the beach. Taking the boys fishing in the Gulf today!

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