Market Update: 06-22-18

The Issachar Fund (LIONX) is 75% invested as of Thursday, June 21, 2018.  ETF themes LIONX owns are: Small-Cap (55%), Health Care (17%) and Global FinTech (3%).  Since LIONX does not have to be fully invested and it can go to cash in Bear Market declines, I have been re-positioning in and out of areas in an effort to take advantage of opportunities as I seem them.  I recently hedged LIONX long positions with Technology shorts then closed most of the longs and shorts as the volatility increased.  It appears that Small-Caps have been under accumulation and Large-Caps have been in a distribution/sell mode.  I am now concerned that the Small-Caps may join the selling party.  If that happens, I will not hesitate to do what is necessary at attempting to shield shareholder assets.  Since I am All-In, Risk Management is my top priority. 

 Trump’s policies will likely benefit small businesses more so than big businesses. This is quite a shift from recent administrations who may have been indebted to the big money of big business for helping them get elected in return for Presidential favors. Trade war or not, Trump is committed to reducing our trade deficit.  Small businesses that do not rely heavily on exports should do better than businesses that have a greater export dependency. The recent up-trend of the dollar will likely hurt the earnings of companies who do a lot of exporting verses smaller companies that mostly trade within America.  Trump’s focus on small business job growth, tax cuts and reduced regulation may lead to the best Small-Cap market environment we have seen in a very long time. 

Gold, silver, oil, emerging markets and commodities including agricultural commodities appear to be mired in down-trends and I have no interest in them at this time.  One-day that trend will change, and I will stand ready to take advantage of it when it happens.  Until then, my focus is on the areas that are trending higher …… until they stop.  

Bottom Line:

I believe the market is fundamentally strong and Trump is truly trying to do what is best for America.  Living with bitterness, anger and hate is not a healthy way to live.  Seek Peace and let Peace be your Umpire.        

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(Portfolio holdings are subject to change at any time and should not be considered investment advice. There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns or avoid losses.)

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Dexter Lyons