Market Update: 01-25-21

The Issachar Fund (LIONX, BRI, ESG) is 92% invested (8% Cash) in 47 leading growth stocks on Sunday, January 24, 2021.  We have been rewarded for taking risk, and growth stocks still appear to be under accumulation, so I did more buying last week.  My conviction level is high, and I expect to get more invested this week.  Some of our growth stock leaders from last year are taking a breather, while new leaders are eager to fill that position.  I am focused on where I believe institutional money is flowing, and LIONX is primarily positioned in these industry groups: software, medical, chips, and energy.  I do not fall in love with any stock or industry unless it performs as I expect, then I will hold it until I find a better investment, or it disappoints.  Stocks with accelerating earnings and sales appear to be in favor, so that is where we are for now.  When growth investing goes out of favor, and we are no longer compensated for taking on that kind of risk, I will look for a better home for our money.  If my perception of risk gets too high, I plan to sit on the sidelines in cash as we did in the COVID Crash last February.  LIONX can go where the action is and step aside if I do not like the action. (There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.)                   

The Fed fueled the fire by increasing its balance sheet $81 billion last week to an all-time high of $7.4 Trillion!  Keep in mind, the Fed’s balance sheet was only $4.1 Trillion last year at this time.  That means the Fed almost doubled its balance sheet by creating money out of thin air, and some of that money is being used to bid up stock prices.  As long as the Fed can expand its balance sheet, I will likely remain very bullish like I am now! I do not know how long we will be allowed to “print” our way out of trouble, but the longer we “kick the can down the road,” the harder the fall will likely be.  I am still dancing at the stock market party, but I am always dancing close to the door.  When the “lights” get turned on, or the tide flows out, we might get to see who has been swimming naked.  Now that will not be a pretty sight.  Until then, I plan to stay at the party as long as we have fun making money.   

Bottom Line:  Growth still appears to be in favor, and LIONX is being rewarded for taking risk, so I am an optimistic bull today!  I do not see any signs of an imminent decline, but that could change tomorrow, and I reserve the right to change my opinion.  The Fed has stepped on the gas of liquidity, and some of that new money is finding its way into our growth stocks.  The chart patterns are improving, and it feels like the market wants to continue trending higher.  The junk bond uptrend is telling me that investors still have an appetite for risk.  The major indexes are stretched from their averages, but I believe they can stretch a little more before they break.  Gold and Bitcoin do NOT look attractive to me.  No one knows how long the bull market party will last, so let’s continue to dance and have fun; however, we will always dance close to the door.  I plan to leave the party before the lights come on.  Jesus is the Light of the world!  God is Love, His Grace is sufficient, and His Mercies are new every day!  I pray you have a Blessed Day!         

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

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LIONX is a BRI/ESG, Tactical, Alternative, Mutual Fund Actively Managed like a Hedge Fund.


Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Issachar Fund. This and other important information about the Fund are contained in the Prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 1-866-787-8355 or visiting  The Prospectus should be read carefully before investing. The Issachar Fund is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC., member FINRA/SIPC.   Horizon Capital Management Inc. (HCM) is not affiliated with Northern Lights Distributors, LLC.  Important Risk Information: Mutual Funds involve risks, including the possible loss of principal.  An investment in the Fund may not be appropriate for all investors.  The Fund may hold cash positions when the Adviser feels that the market is not producing returns greater than the short-term cash investments in which the Fund may invest. There is a risk that the sections of the market in which the Fund invests will begin to rise or fall rapidly, and the Fund will not be able to sell stocks quickly enough to avoid losses or reinvest its cash positions into areas of the advancing market quickly enough to capture the initial returns of changing market conditions.  The Adviser’s judgment about the attractiveness, value, and potential appreciation of particular asset classes and securities in which the Fund invests may prove incorrect and may not produce the desired results. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Ratings are only one form of Fund performance and should not be used as the sole consideration in making an investment decision.  For more information regarding the fund, including current performance, please visit For more information on LIONX, please visit   NLD Review Code:  4136-NLD-1/25/2021

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