Christian Money Manager

Dexter P. Lyons

Dexter P. Lyons, Christian Money Manager

Dexter P. Lyons is a Christian Money Manager seeking to honor God in his profession as a Portfolio Manager of a No-Load (BRI) Mutual Fund (

I believe that God has given me a passion and a purpose for managing money. My obedience and love for Jesus drives me to honor Him by striving to be a good steward of all relationships and money that He has entrusted to me. I would classify myself as a tactical, active risk-manager seeking to manage assets on a risk-adjusted basis in an effort to achieve long-term capital appreciation.

I am disciplined and focused on the bottom line. I have learned the hard way that I cannot control the “return” but I can attempt to manage the “risk” I take while investing. I do not subscribe to the buy-n-hold philosophy because I believe there is just too much potential risk in the market to stick my head in the sand and say what most people say: “I am in it for the long run”. I am now over 50 and my goal is to make my money work for me instead of me working for it. I do not need to swing for the fences and potentially strike out or even worse, lose the game. I try to focus on getting base hits and scoring when the opportunity presents itself. In other words, I am trying to limit loses by managing risk and attempting to identify and profit from market trends.